Bike Trails and Economic Development

Trails build strong, economically vital communities. According to a National Association of Homebuilders study the number one amenity potential homeowners cite when they are looking at moving into a new community are amenities such as bike trails

Trails increase property values. The same study cited that the presence of trails often increases the value of properties, especially those through residential neighborhoods. 2003 study shows the amenity value of trails was associated with over $140 million dollars in increased property values in Indianapolis.

Trails help local businesses. When trails are present bicycle tourists come and residents are encouraged to ride and purchase bicycles and accessories. Along the Virginia Creeper Trail in southwest Virginia, Bicycle tourist spends $1.59 million annually providing an estimated 27 new full time jobs.

Trails provide an alternative. Bike trails serve a diverse population that may otherwise have limited opportunities to access amenities like schools, work, stores due to financial or transportation constraints.

Click to see the City of Hemet existing Bike Ways

Click to see the City of San Jacinto propose Bike Trails

Bicycle rider Q & A

What are the rights and responsibilities of bicyclist on roadways?
Bicycles are considered vehicles and, as such, bicyclists have all the rights and responsibilities that apply to drivers of motorized vehicles. Bicyclists are allowed on any Hemet or San Jacinto streets, however check the Hemet or San Jacinto ordinances addressing use of bicycles

Do I have to obey stop signs and traffic signals when on my bicycle?

As Bicyclists you have all the rights and duties applicable to the driver of any other vehicle and can be penalized for violating traffic laws. Bicyclists are required to obey all traffic control devices including traffic signals, stop or yield signs, one-way signs, etc.

Can I ride my bicycle on the sidewalk?

Both Hemet and San Jacinto ordinances prohibits bicyclist from using the sidewalk unless the sidewalk is part of an officially designated bike route. Even where the sidewalk is part of an officially designated bike route, make sure that motorists see you before crossing streets and driveways. Always yield to pedestrians

Do I need a bicycle license?

According to Hemet and San Jacinto ordinances, yes a bicycle license is required.

Can I park my bicycle on the sidewalk?

According to Hemet ordinance it is unlawful unless it is a designated bicycle parking

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